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The end of another season with Warwickshire RFU

Warwickshire RFU team 2019

It's the end of another county season for Warwickshire RFU! After covering 2 games for the side last season, including the county cup final at Twickenham, I was fortunate enough to be asked to return to the squad again for the 2019 season.

We started out this year with a trial game against the Army Royal Signals on a Friday night at the end of April. This game allowed the coaches to observe all of the potential players for this season and see who would be best to play in which position. Unfortunately, due to a floodlight issue the game had to be stopped at half time for player safety, however it gave the coaches a good insight into the lads playing abilities and laid the groundwork for the upcoming competition run.

On Saturday 4th May we played at Kettering RFC against East Midlands. These were a tough bunch and it made for a great game of rugby. Unfortunately we lost 42-27, and had a good few injuries to deal with too! A couple of players from both teams suffered head injuries and had to be removed from play, as well as other injuries including a hamstring strain, a bloody nose, and an adductor strain which resulted in myself and another player having to carry the injured party into the changing room!

The following week we played Leicester RFU and lost 0-78. It was certainly not our finest moment! Cannot fault Leicestershire in any way though, they put forward a brilliant team and have made it through to the Bill Beaumont County Cup final at Twickenham on 8th June! Good luck Leicestershire!

To close the season off, we played Staffordshire RFU at Stoke RFC. A try laden game resulted in a victory for Warwickshire of 52-63. Both teams had some very sore and battered players by the end, with most of our team held together in some way by significant amounts of tape! It was great to end the season on a high after an enjoyable final game. I look forward to next years competition!

Warwickshire RFU after the Bill Beaumont County Cup final 2018

UPDATE: Leicestershire have won the Bill Beaumont County Cup Final! Congratulations!

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